Should You Invest In Adidas Unisex-child Lite Racer Adapt 3.0 Running Shoe?

Making a child or toddler wear a shoe is a task for a superhuman. That is why parents love to invest in sneaker shoes since they are durable, don’t slip off easily, and cover the whole feet.

Adidas makes top-notch running shoes, and their Unisex-Child Lite Racer Adapt 3.0 Running Shoe is perfect for kids still adapting to sneakers. However, if you want to explore more options, you can consider KEEN Unisex-Child Chandler Sneakers or Under Armour Unisex-Child Grade School Assert 9 Running Shoe. 

Kids are in their sneakers all the time when they are outside. If you are thinking of investing in a running shoe, you must explore these options.

1. Adidas Unisex-Child Lite Racer Adapt 3.0 Running Shoe

Adidas has never let down the shoe-lover community with quality and durability. They always take special care of running shoes for kids. This particular model is a front-runner option for those little kids who are not used to running shoes yet. If you have pre-school-going children who are extra energetic and goofy in nature, this shoe will be a perfect fit for them.

They are basically trainer shoes that will make the kid’s feet comfortable and pleasing inside the running shoe. This has a thick-padded tongue that will ensure no more pinching on the feet. Also, the arch support is so carefully designed that your kid’s feet will be safe even after a marathon.

You can wash these shoes by machine since they are made with 100% synthetic fabric. For a basic shoe, this model comes with style and comfort. The variety of colors will put your mind in disarray since every pair looks fantastic. Their shoes are sock-like fit, so there is no chance of slipping off. To learn more and purchase, click here.

Before you invest in the Unisex-Child Lite Racer Adapt 3.0 Running Shoe, go through these two options, and choose your kid’s pair wisely.

Some Alternative of Adidas Lite Racer Adapt 3.0

a. KEEN Unisex-Child Chandler CNX Comfortable Sneakers

Half of our childhood has passed by struggling with the shoelace. Luckily, our kids don’t have to go through the torment with this Keen model to rescue them. They have kid-friendly closures that will make the shoe fit tightly and securely on the feet without hassling with the shoelace. Also, their most vibrant and colorful tone suits all kids of all ages. 

Keen comfortable sneakers can be used both outside and inside. Their sole design is so prompt that they will not leave a mark on the carpet or wall, no matter how dirty the sole is. Moreover, the breathability of this shoe is impeccable. No matter how much kids run with this, their feet will never sweat or fall numb. 

The only con of this product is that it is not waterproof. However, due to the breathability, it dries up really fast if you air dry them. So, for any sports event, hiking, climbing, or as a fashion statement, Keen unisex-child sneakers will keep your kid’s feet safe, sound, and cool all year round. If you are interested, click here.

b. Under Armour Unisex-Child Grade School Assert 9 Running Shoe

Run fast, play hard’- the slogan of Under Armour will tell more about the product than I can describe. I personally like this brand due to its cushioning feeling and airy support on the legs. Even though it says running shoes on the title, however, it is made to do all kinds of sporty and adventurous activities with these. 

Three-color digital print will ensure a chic look, whereas mesh upper support will take care of the breakability. The most sparkling fact is it has a lather layer for extra durability and stability that will ensure the shoe doesn’t move around the feet and sticks securely. This model is extra helpful for jumpy kids. One-piece EVA midsole will secure a safe landing from a high point with its soft cushioning model. 

The only issue I can find with this model is its white sole. I know it’s trendy, but for a kid who loves goofing around, it will turn muddy very often. But on the bright side, they are easily washable and 100% safe on machine-wash. To learn more, click here.

How To Understand Kid’s Feet size?

The general size chart for shoes doesn’t apply to little kids. Their size chart is different and a little confusing too. Moreover, kids can’t properly convey their feelings, and the risk of buying the wrong size always persists. To understand your kid’s feet size, first, identify their age. There are 4 categories, namely, infants, toddlers, little kids, and big kids. The age goes from 0-12 years. 

To secure the proper measurement, ask your kid to stand on a piece of paper, relaxing their toes. With a pencil, draw the feet aligning the edges. Now, measure the size from the biggest toe to the end of the ankle. Now, add 0.5-1 inch more to that measurement, and you are good to go. 

How To Clean A Child Sneaker? 

No matter how careful you are, your kid will somehow manage to mess up their sneaker with dust and dirt. For your convenience, I have chosen for you the only running shoes that are machine washable. Just separate the insoles and shoes, put them in a laundry bag and run a cool water, no-spin cycle in your washer. 

Shoelace Or Velcro?

This is another dilemma every parent faces. In theory, both shoelaces and Velcro are equally good. If your kid is at that age where you want them to be more independent and adapt to the lace-tying scenario, go for the shoelace version. If they are still young and dependent, a Velcro might save you a lot of time and energy. But always make sure that the Velcro is tight and secured so that kids don’t trip.

Final Words 

A running shoe or sneaker is a kid’s eternal mate in every fun and adventure. We want to ensure our kids are safe and comfortable in their running shoes or sneakers. If you have Adidas Unisex-child Running Shoe in preference, my other option lists will surprise you positively.

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