Are Dick’s Indoor Soccer Shoes Worth The Price?

Dick’s Sporting Goods is the Disney land for sportswear fanatics. Their selections of world-class brand shoes have brought them fame from all sports communities. If you type indoor soccer shoes on the search bar on their website, you will find innumerable options. 

It is a difficult task to choose from such varieties, but one shoe that is always caught in the eye is the Nike Tiempo Legend 9 Academy IC. With such a playful color pallet and intricate design, this model has drawn heart shapes on the pupils of the sports lover. 

If you are wondering whether this shoe is worth the price, go through the whole article as I am about to discuss everything about indoor soccer shoes. 

Nike Tiempo Legend 9 Academy ICNike Tiempo Legend 9 Academy IC

Want to know what is the most important criterion of a good shorts shoe? It is not style, durability, lacing, or other. The more lightweight the shoe is, the swifter and quicker your movement will be in the game. Nike, in this model, has not made any compromise to maintain the integrity of the lightweight balance of the shoe. 

From the front part of the shoe, throughout the strike zone, the shoe has a slightly elevated angle. This feature will help you to achieve precise dribbling, shooting, and passing. The rubber sole will create traction with the field so that you do not fall after a high jump shoot. It also helps to boost traction when you are into small-sided games. 

This model is slim padded, meaning it will keep you comfortable but will not burden your feet with the heavy exterior. As the shoe is a seamless fit, it has no chance to pinch you when you are playing. Due to their mechanical design, their anti-slipping shape will keep the shoe intake in your shoe, and no need to tighten the lace unnecessarily. 

The leather Nike used for this product is called calfskin. They are high-end, premium quality leather that will never leave a crease mark on the body. The soft pods surrounding the shoe will help you to shoot your goal with precision.

If you look closer at the shoes, you will notice that the Nike shoe has dotted voids over the ankle area. This is genius because it will not let dirt and dust enters the shoe, maintaining maximum breathability. 

This is designed keeping the players in mind, so this shoe will provide multidirectional traction while you are on courts, streets, or indoors. They come in three different colors that have such unique color designs and pallets that they will be the talk of the town while you are at the playground. So, let’s not wait any longer and order here.

Is Nike Tiempo Legend 9 Academy IC Worth The Price?

Indeed, the price point is in the higher range. But considering this is the Nike brand we are talking about, and the footwear is not similar to a sneaker, the price is justified. They are durable and well-crafted, so they will last longer than you can presume. Sportswear is expensive, so you need to put the money down carefully, and Nike Tiempo is such a product that it can never be a bad investment. 

How To Know The Right Size Of Nike Tiempo Legend 9 Academy IC?

On Dick’s Sporting Goods website, you will find a detailed size chart eligible for all Nike shoes. If you are confused about your size, take any shoes you have, see what size you are, and match them with the size chart.

There are many measuring options, such as UK, US, EU, and CM/JP. However, if you are still in a dilemma about your shoe size, you can contact the website and seek their guidance for the measurement of your perfect shoe size. 

What Colors Are Available For Nike Tiempo Legend 9 Academy IC?

The color pallet of the Nike Tiempo Legend 9 Academy IC is impeccable and elegant, even being a soccer shoe. They have three color options available, Metallic Copper, Off Noir, and Photon Dust/White. Metallic copper is grooved with a black outline and the classic Nike sign with the Tiempo logo on the side. This is certainly the most iconic indoor soccer shoe. 

If you want a little low-key photon, dust and white color will be a unique choice. The ocean blue tone with white shade will go perfectly well with your white soccer outfit. As if you are classist, of course, you have the off-noir option to choose from. Off noir has a combination of glossy and matte black that will incorporate well with any outfit. 

Final Words 

Indoor soccer shoes are different from regular soccer shoes since it has flat outsole. But that doesn’t mean any other sneaker or sports shoe will get the work done. You must invest in good shoes if you are passionate about your game, and Nike Tiempo Legend 9 Academy IC is the most iconic choice for you and is definitely worth it. 

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