Are BCG Youth Cheer Tumbler 2.0 Shoes Worth It?

Cheerleading is a high school dream for a lot of young girls. Because of intrinsic footwork and high jumping, special cheerleading shoes are very important. A normal sneaker or running shoe is not suitable for cheerleading purposes. 

BCG brand has been providing quality cheer shoes for young girls and women. BCG Youth Cheer Tumbler 2.0 Shoes have picked up steam among the youthful cheerleaders. Alternatively, BAXINIER Youth Girls White Cheerleading Shoes can be a good option. 

Cheerleading is a tough job, and kids’ bodies are fragile. So, you must ensure to purchase a quality product to prevent any accident. If you would like to know whether those products are worth it, keep reading. 

1. BCG Youth Cheer Tumbler 2.0 Shoes BCG Youth Cheer Tumbler 2.0 Shoes 

What makes a shoe worth it for cheerleaders? Unlike running or jumping, cheerleading requires different acts and moves within a very short span of time. Their movements have to be swift, rhythmic, and proficient.

If the shoe is too loose or too tight, one can hardly focus on the act and can’t keep up. BCG understands this issue and designs their cheer shoes so uniquely that they will fit on the feet like socks. 

They use lace-up closures for shoelaces so that your kid can secure the shoe perfectly with their feet. The leather uppers are certainly a clever design idea because cheering will bring back some grass and mud to the house, and the leather texture will let go of that dirt with one wet wipe. There are some dotted holes in the front, so breathability will not be an issue. 

Another cardinal feature of cheerleading is high jumping and crash landing. Without a proper shoe, there can be serious injuries. Keeping that in mind, BCG has crafted the cheer shoes with foam collars and padded tongues. EVA insoles are spread over the bottom area, which offers comfortable cushioning and a safer landing.  

Since these shoes are made for the purpose of cheerleading, they lack other features, such as color options, slip resistance, waterproofing, etc. They are based on white color with a hint of red color on the size, which is the ideal attire for any cheerleading job. There are plenty of sizes available, even though width has only one option. To learn more and order, click here.

2. BAXINIER Youth Girls White Cheerleading Dancing ShoesBAXINIER Youth Girls White Cheerleading Dancing Shoes

How to identify a good quality cheerleading shoe? It should be lightweight as feathers, flexible like rubber, and built up with a top-notch grip. BAXINIER cheerleading shoes have successfully checked the tic mark on all those qualities. No wonder they have held the #1 best choice place on amazon. 

A whorl pattern outsole with feather-like weight ensures a fast and bridled movement without slipping off and loosening. Synthetic leather and rubber sole makes such a compatible combination that they create utmost bending without deforming the shape. The front sole has soft cotton material that will protect the feet no matter how powerful the landing is. 

Even though they come with all cheerleading features, they look like basic white sneakers. The arch support and breathability are so great that your little girl can use them in all sporty and adventurous activities. It’s definitely a good steal for the price. To learn more and purchase, click here. 

How To Clean BCG Youth Cheer Tumbler 2.0 Shoes?

Cleaning a cheerleading shoe is an uphill battle. They are white in color, so dirt and dust are more attracted to the shoes. Moreover, they are mostly used in fields where grass and mud will infect the shoes. After every practice, it is necessary to clean off the wet dirt so that it doesn’t leave stains. 

The most homely and sustainable way to clean the white shoes is to use baking soda and white vinegar. Make a 2:1 proportion of white vinegar and baking soda, mix them with water, and with the help of a toothbrush, nail brush, or cotton cloth, clean off the dirt or mud. You can pre-soak the shoes for the loose debris and mud to fall off. 

How To Wear The BCG Youth Cheer Tumbler 2.0 Shoes Properly?

You might think wearing a cheer shoe should not be different than wearing any other sneaker. However, there are correct ways and incorrect ways to wear cheer shoes. Cheer shoes are specifically designed with a lace-locking system that deters the lace from shifting position. 

However, that will be of no fruition if the shoes are the wrong size. Getting bigger size shoes and tightening the lace with too much force can put your young daughter to risk. 

Should You Purchase BCG Youth Cheer Tumbler 2.0 Shoes?

If your little girl is at the beginning of her cheerleading career, you may wonder whether she needs a pair of cheer shoes now. But trust me, it is the basic instrument for her to triumph and be safe. Any regular sneaker shoes have a heavy outsole, and they are not so flexible. Such improper shoes will raise the risk of injury. 

As a basic cheer shoe, BCG Youth Cheer Tumbler 2.0 Shoes are the best. The price point is just perfect as a basic trainer shoe, and they work finer than any other professional shoe. The only lingering issue is that this shoe is not waterproof.

If you reside in a dry area with no predicament of sudden rainfall, this shoe will cause you and your little girl no trouble. Just make sure you purchase the accurate size for her, and she will fly and dance the way she deserves. 

Final Words 

Unlike any other sport, cheerleading doesn’t require much equipment and expensive materials. The only requirement is a stable and balanced shoe that will help her to excel in all cheering movements.

For the youthful girls, the BCG Youth Cheer Tumbler 2.0 Shoes are really good trainer shoes. If you want something more advanced, you can consider BAXINIER Youth Girls White Cheerleading Dancing Shoes.

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