Should You Buy Cody James Met Guard Work Boots? Explained.

When you are newly recruited at a construction site, factory, or warehouse, you will see workers roaming around with western, cowboy-vibed boots. Those boots are specially designed to protect them around heavy machinery.

Cody James is a pioneer in the work boots industry. Their specially designed work boots have been cherished by industrial workers. Cody James Men’s Waterproof Met Guard Work Boots is a hidden gem in their collection.

Buying a work boot can’t be an impulse decision. You ought to go through the descriptions and more to decide what should be the one. Should Cody Met Guard Work Boot be the one?

Cody James Men’s Waterproof Met Guard Work Boots

This cowboy-inspired work boot is equipped with top-quality material and benefits. For the design and functionality, this work boot is tough to beat. This boot is infused with parks and benefits and is designed to keep all workers in mind. Let’s find out some of their traits.

Composition Toe 

Cody James Men’s Waterproof Met Guard Work Boots is a Composition Toe boot. What does it mean? It is basically made with non-metal material. The upper is made of leather without any metal stitched inside it. Rather they have used non-metal items such as Kevlar, fiber, plastic, or carbon fiber.

One of the rewards of such an arrangement is on the sites that use metal detectors. You can slip through the gate without removing the boots. Also, since there is no metal, this work boot has better resistance. Perfect for the workers in the electrical industry.

Waterproof Leather 

This work boot is stitched with 100% leather with western-inspired stitching on the vamp area. So, the durability of these boots can never even be put into question. Moreover, they are waterproof and fire-resistance. Your boot and feet will be safe even if you walk in the dampest area.


Considering fire safety, Cody James has crafted this work boot with a rubber lug outsole. But the parks don’t end here. The outsole is oil-resisting. So, no more slipping and falling, no matter how slippery the floor is. The Vibram slip resistance will protect you from any accident.

This work boot has a stockman heel. So, the height is standard for anyone who doesn’t prefer high volume on the heel section. Stockman heel will help you to work, stand, and walk for long hours and prevent any soreness, bruise, and discomfort.

Metatarsal Guard

The metatarsal guard is personal protective equipment. The main function of this is to protect the feet from heavy equipment. We all know the danger of any falling of heavy industrial equipment. This work boot is designed to protect you from such unforeseen accidents.

Square Toe 

Square-toe boots are a hit among the workers and ranch workers. Why? Because they provide you extra legroom so that your feet don’t feel stuffy and closeted. You can move and even twist your toes inside this boot. If you have bunions, wide feet, or any injury, this trait will benefit you in so many ways in the long run.

Other Qualities 

This Cody James work boot is a very western-inspired brown shade. This is so perfect for the workers and cowboys. The outsole is solid matte black with very subtle yellow stitching. The bottom layer is so technically designed that you deter any fall or slip accident.

A pull hole is on the top so that you can carry the shoe with your grip. The plastic grip helps in keeping the air flowing and handling easily. There are fourteen different size options. So, finding the right size won’t be an issue. Interested in ordering?

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What Is The Lifespan Of The Cody James Men’s Work Boots?

The work boot will last up to six to twelve months, depending on tour care and maintenance. I know this is a short time for such a heavy and expensive boot to perish. But this upshot doesn’t apply only to the Cody James Men’s Work Boots. Every work boot goes through the same consequences due to the heavy workload and excessive use.

However, caring and maintaining can expand the lifespan for a few more months. Especially if you avoid this boot to wear during winter. The ice and cold with detriment the quality of the leather and shrink the life cycle of the boots. Even though the longevity of these work boots isn’t remarkable, you should avoid wearing dilapidated work boots for your safety.

Do You Need Socks With Cody James Work Boots?

Wearing socks with work boots is always recommended and endorsed. This is so critical that when you go try on work boots in the store, they will first give you a boot sock to measure your size correctly.

For this Cody James Men’s Waterproof Met Guard Work Boots, you should choose high-knee comfortable cotton socks. They will not show up from the top. And also provide your feet comfort and relaxation.

Should You Buy this Work Boots? 

Cody James Men’s Work Boots are one of the trusted sources for heavy-duty and durable work boots and quite a fuss among the worker folk. This Cody James Men’s Waterproof Met Guard Work Boot is ASTM-certified. This means this checks out all the lists required to be eligible for a work boot.

What is the list that makes the boot fit for workers? The safety work boot must be made with leather upper. The soles can’t be skidding soles. The boot must be oil resistant. Moreover, the compression resistance rating should be around 75. If you have gone through the details, you now know that all traits and qualities are present inside this work boot.

Final Words

Work boots are not for fashion and style but also for safety and security. We all know the danger and risk a worker sustains while working on any construction site, factory, or electrical line. Cody James hasn’t compromised even one point to ensure the utmost security and comfort. Thus, Cody James Men’s Work Boots is certainly an appealing choice.

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