Is Gianni Bini Katyanna Over-The-Knee Rhinestone Boots Worth It?

Are you one of those people who prefers extra, bougie, sparkly, glittery things to simple, minimalist things? Are you into making bold fashion statements? If yes, Gianni Bini should not be an unfamiliar name to you.

Gianni Bini Katyanna Over-The-Knee Rhinestone Boots is the epitome of luxury and bling life. The intricate rhinestone work, knee-height length, the flashy toe hat, everything about this Gianni Bini rhinestone boot screams luxury and boldness. 

It is true not everyone can carry such glinting and eye-catching shoes on them. If you are one of the lucky folks, keep reading the article to find out whether this shoe is the right fit for you or not.

Gianni Bini Katyanna Over-The-Knee Rhinestone BootsGianni Bini Katyanna Over-The-Knee Rhinestone Boots

Are you invited to an exclusive, lavish dinner party where you would like to steal the show? You don’t really have to wrap yourself in diamonds to catch all the attention. Wrap your feet in this Gianni Bini Katyanna over-the-knee rhinestone boots and put on a matching cocktail dress with the boots, and you are good to go.

The toe hat of the boot is shiny, metallic, and pointy as an arrow. This boot deserves extra ten marks only for such an exquisite toe hat. But there is a lot more to that pair of boots, so brace yourself. From the toe hat to the Back Stay of the boots, the whole area is covered with rhinestone embellishments over the textile material.

From the Back Stay to the tongue of these boots, there is an embroidery work pattern over a velvet layout. The pattern is very eye-catchy and inspired from hawk’s feathers. The velvet fabric is soft and provides extra cushion for the calf area. There are rounded straps on both sides of the boots so that you can slip some strings from them and attach a dress or laces with them if you want.

On the side of the boots, there are 3/4 zippers for easy put on and off. The zipper doesn’t go all the way up. Rather it ends on the feet area, which helps you to squeeze in inside the boots. Gianni Bini used synthetic lining for this pair. Also the outsole is also made from synthetic leather. So, it might be a little hard on the bottom area.

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However, they use memory foam soak, so your feet will not feel too tight or sweaty wearing this boot. Even though the heel is pointy, the heel in height is only 3.5 inches which are not that long, so anybody can wear these. The shaft height is approximately 22.8 inches. There is a curve on the top that ends just under the knee so that you can bend and sit comfortably. The sidebars aside the curve end a little over the middle of the knee.

The calf circumference is 14.56″ approximately. But this can change a little with the size of the shoe. They come in seven colors, namely, black, white, silver, Casey pop pink, pearly sand, sateen lavender, and whisper blue. You can find some of the colors cheaper on the website as well. The size starts from 5M and ends at 12M, so any adult woman can find the right size. If you would like to learn more and purchase, click here.

How To Clean And Maintain The Gianni Bini Rhinestone Boots?

You don’t want to see your expensive, one-of-a-kind boots getting demolished due to lack of care and proper maintenance, right? So, it is very important that you take proper care of your boots after using them. Since the boot is heavily embellished with rhinestones, it will attract a severe amount of dirt from the street.

To Clean this off, wipe the boots with a soft, cotton cloth that will take off the dried dirt. Then, take an old toothbrush and gently brush the surface between the gaps. If anything spills on the boots, use dishwasher soap and water to clean them with a toothbrush. Otherwise, it is better not to use soap or plain water over the stone area. Cover the velvet area and spray hairspray over the rhinestone to keep the shine on.

For the velvet part, take a wet cloth and swap a few times gently. Dry them with a blow dryer or over the sun. After using them, store them by wrapping the boots separately in a plastic bag. This will keep the boots from friction and keep the stones intake. The boots come with a holder that will keep the tongue tight and secure. Always store them with those holders.

Is Gianni Bini Katyanna Rhinestone Boots Comfortable?

Boots are not known for their comfort and ease. Gianni Bini Katyanna Over-The-Knee Rhinestone Boots are hard-soled, and the layer doesn’t bend or stick like a sock. If you are not proficient at wearing boots, you might want to stay away from this boot.

Also, even though the heel is not that high, it is not flat. That will make it extra hard to walk and maintain posture. However, if you are comfortable with hard cowboy boots, this boot will be an easy cakewalk for you.

Is this Boots Worth It?

Boots are never off the trending chart and are always appropriate with any western outfit. Such intricate rhinestone work and heavy design give the boot a furnished and glamorous look. If you are into shiny and sparkly boots, this pair can never be missing from your shoe closet.

However, you must consider that they don’t come cheap and are not suitable for regular wear. And, they will not provide your feet utmost comfort and softness. Are you willing to take the risk?

Final Words

Boots are something that can never go wrong, no matter what the outfit or occasion is. And if you are someone who wants a flashy, razzle-dazzle lifestyle, their pair of boots is a must-have. But, if you are a novice in the boots world, try something lighter and neutral for the starter.

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