Is Black Greasy Derby Boots From Gripfast Worth The Hype?

Men’s boots are that irreplaceable style that will never go out of fashion. Especially derby boots are one of the must-have items in any man’s closet who loves retro and cowboy attire. Gripfast has been the pioneer in manufacturing quality boots for around a decade. 

Gripfast Black Greasy Derby Boots come with slight variations and changes. Even though the theme and pattern of these derby boots are similar, they differ in the number of eyes, aka length, and toe capping. 

 Gripfast designs their boots, keeping people from all strata of life in mind. Hence, each of their product has slight variations that will go with everyone’s taste buds. Want to know what Gripfast Derby shoe will suit you?

Gripfast Black Greasy Derby BootsBlack Greasy 10 Eye Steel Toe Capped Derby Boot

If you are a man who loves to style himself with classic businessman attire, you know the value of derby shoes. Well, derby boots are the extension of derby shoes designed for winter and the chilly season. 

So that you can still remain classy while providing your feet the utmost comfort and luxury. They are perfect for a rugged military outlook and masculine exposure. Let’s find out why Gripfast is the prime brand that understood the assignment for designing the perfect derby boots for men. 

Goodyear Welt Construction 

Gripfast shoes are crafted with Goodyear Welted Construction. So, you can be assured the stitching of this boot is comfortable and firm. The leather layer bends back to the insole of the boots and is joined with a rubber outsole. 

This construction will prevent the shoe from separating from the leather layer to the outsole, no matter how long you have been using this boot. As the stitching is separated by a leather barrier, it is more water-resistant and durable. 


The upper of this boot is furnished with the finest black greasy leather. Even though it says leather, this boot doesn’t have the shine or wrinkly texture of other leather. This boot has more of a matte finish with a delicate, smooth texture. 

The leatherwork all over the boots gives a polished yet rugged vibe. The lining for this boot is devised with both leather and synthetic material. It will ensure extra endurance and longevity and resist water penetration. 

The cleats of the sole are surrounded with galvanized screws that are attached to them by hands. Since no additional coloring is used over the metal, there is no chance and fear of discoloration. Even if the laces hold the cleats tightly, the screws will protect the lace and the boot. The commando sole is created with soft suspension for extra cushioning and protection.


The most intelligent tactic Gripfast used is to introduce a variety of options for one single model of boots. With these greasy derby boots, you will find a few options focusing basically on the height and toe cap. 

There are 6-eye, 8-eye, 10-eye, 11-eye, and 14-eye options available. 6-eye has the shortest height and almost looks like a shoe. The standard boot height is 10-eye or even 11-eye. The longest option is the 14-eye one, which will reach the calf layer. Also, some of the variations have steel toe caps, whereas other are plain and simple. 

Color options 

Even though the name suggests black greasy, you can also get a pair in different colors. There are black Hi-shine, burgundy, and even bold blush pink. Lastly, there is a knot behind the boots so that you can slip strings or hang them with rope. So, if you think you must grab the boots now, hurry up and buy them here.

How To Find The Right Size Of Gripfast Derby Boots? 

Gripfast, being a British company, has boots from size UK-3 to UK-12. If you are having a hard time comprehending your boot size, you can take guidance from the size chart that has been uploaded on the website. There is a comprehensive and comparative chart of UK, EU, US men, US women, and lastly, JPN. If you know your boot size in JPN or US man, you can easily compare the size from the chart. 

In case you are oblivious about your boot size, you can measure your feet comprehensively and amass the data to find the right size for you. Put on the socks that you generally wear or plan to wear with the boots. It’s necessary because even though socks are slender, they take up significant space, and your feet might feel suffocated if you measure without considering the sock space. 

Now, keep a plain paper under your feet and stand up. Draw a figure around your feet. It would be better if you could get someone to help you with this. Nevertheless, make sure that your forefeet and heel are firmly attached to the paper. 

Now, point out the longest point of your toe and draw a straight line from that point to the heel. Similarly, find the widest part and take measurements. Now, add 1 inch to the length and width. Voila, you found your match. 

How To Clean Your Gripfast Black Greasy Derby Boots?

Gripfast Black Greasy Derby Boots are manufactured with premium quality leather. So, cleaning those boots is not child’s play. You need to feed dubbin wax to your boots.

Dubbin wax is a liquid substance made from tallow, natural wax, and oil. They will soften, refurbish, and polish the leather to keep up the shine. Also, it will help the leather to be waterproof. 

You can also use oil or grease that can be found in any shoe store. However, maintain a sporadic timetable for using those products. An excessive amount of grease and oil may dilapidate the boots fast. You can brush off the loose dirt with a brush and cotton cloth. However, refrain from using wet cloth or water to clean the shoes. 

Is Gripfast Black Greasy Derby Boots Worth it? 

There is no doubt that those Gripfast Black Greasy Derby Boots are worth a king’s ransom. It is understandable if you have some doubts and uncertainty about them. Well, design and manufacture-wise, these boots will get a ten on ten. Also, for durability and premium leather, you can’t subtract any points. 

But, since these boots are made following the analogous process, your digital feet might feel some abnormality at the beginning. Also, if you are newly introduced to boots, you might not want to start with this one. 

Final Words

If you are a boots aficionado and love to collect time-immemorial boots, I can’t suggest any better boots than the Gripfast Black Greasy Derby Boots. They are simple, minimal, and classic. These derby boots are perfect for every boots lover who wants the rugged, gangster yet classic look.

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