Is Sugar Thrillz Heartstomper Platform Boots Worth It?

So, you have seen this heart-shaped platform boot from TikTok, and you fell on hard for them. If you are more of a Barbie girl who loves pink and femininity, you have landed on the perfect boot for your feet. 

Sugar Thrillz Pretty Heartstomper Platform Boots are unique and trendy in design and execution. They are not your regular, boring flat heeled boots. On the contrary, this boot has a heart-shaped platform and a light pink color overall the body. 

This boot is certainly not for the faint-hearted. Just kidding! If you want to know whether this boot is perfect for you, keep reading. 

Sugar Thrillz Pretty Heartstomper Platform Boots

Girls have been more upfront about their fashion choices, and they are not timid about adopting the bold lifestyle they have been craving for a long. I know thousands of women longed for the pink, Barbie, sugary regime for their attire. 

Now, this has finally come true. With these heartstomper boots, you are one step ahead of being the Barbie princess that you are. What’s so special about these boots? Let’s find out. 

Heart-Shaped Platform 

You can kiss goodbye to your boring, old, flat platform-heel boots. Embrace these heart-shaped platform boots that will level up your Barbie game to the next level. Now whenever you pose for a new Instagram post, lift up your leg to show the world your iconic pair of boots. 

This pair of boots is just eye-grabbing. The bloody red outsole in the form of a heart is inspired by strawberry candy. The platform is 3.5 inches tall and slightly curved at the front. They are chunky, pinkish, and bold. What else do you need more, right? 

Chunky Block Heels

Since the platform of this boot is quite lengthy, there is no better option than the chunky block heels. I know lots of women prefer pointy heels on their boots, but you can’t compromise on the question of comfort and safety. 

The block heel is quite lengthy itself. It is 6 inches tall with a red, thin outsole at the bottom. With the platform heel at the front and block heel on the backside, you can walk with them without any hint of discomfort and uneasiness.

Vegan Leather Material 

This boot is made with vegan leather, more precisely, polyurethane. If you are animal friendly and don’t commit to animal-cruelty culture, this is a perfect boot for you. As they are vegan leather, they are glossier and shinier than real leather. And due to the faux leather, the pink color flashes quite dazzlingly. 

Ankle Boot

Ankles boots are perfect for every season and occasion. They are larger than the booties and shorter than the knee-high. The ankle boot ends at four inches in length from the ankle, which is spot on with every dress and outfit. 

You can pair them up with low-cut short skirts and pencil skirts. The versatility of ankle boots doesn’t end here. They will go super well with straight-leg jeans, three-quarter pants, and even over a stocking. The options are endless. Just add your creativity and magic. 

Side Zip Closures 

This boot has a shiny silver zipper on the outer side of the boots. This is not only a tool to insert the feet. Rather it gives a little interference from the overall pink tone. The zipper is sturdy and attaches tightly no matter how long you stand. 

The most alluring part of this Heartstomper boot is the red, glittery, shimmering heart charms attached to the zipper. There are two heart charms filled with red glitter in different sizes. So, when you walk, those tassels will give your feet and personality a groove. If you put your heart on these Heartstomper Boots, click here before they sell out.

Is it Comfortable? 

This is the issue I can’t vouch for. As mentioned earlier, this Heartstomper platform boot is made with vegan leather material or manmade leather. Despite the leather word, vegan or faux leather is completely different from real leather. The biggest downside of this material is that they are not breathable. 

As vegan leather has a plastic texture, there is no space for the air and moisture to pass. It doesn’t have the similar luster of real leather. You will feel really hot and sweaty inside the boots, especially when the weather is too humid and scorching. 

What Is The Lifespan Of these Boots?

This Sugar Thrillz Pretty Heartstomper Platform Boot can last for four to six years, contingent on your care process and maintenance. If you can store them in the prescribed manner and maintain their usability, this boot can serve you glam for years. 

Although faux leather doesn’t look as long-lasting as real leather, it can still survive pretty long. However, you can see some crumbs and crack after using them for a few years on the leather. The crack will lead to peeling, and the skin of the boot will tend to shed as the days passes. However, if you have maintained them well, they can survive without any cracks for five years. 

Is Sugar Thrillz Heartstomper Platform Boot Worth It?

For the looks and design, this Sugar Thrillz Heartstomper Platform Boot gets ten on ten. They are certainly not your regular, usual black boots that can be worn with anything. You really need a mood, personality, and designated wardrobe to style this pair. If you want to feel pretty and like Barbie, it is undoubtedly worth it. 

But can you wear them regularly and wear them all the time? No. As they are not so comfortable and durable, this can’t be a part of your fashion diet. But sometimes a dessert can’t hurt, right? Especially if that makes you happy. 

Final Words 

If you are tired of the boring, old black pair of boots and want to try something funky and vibrant, Sugar Thrillz Pretty Heartstomper Platform Boots are the most extra thing you can do with your life. You can instantly travel back to being the queen of the teenage drama from the 90s who is bold and expressive. So, don’t let the world halt you from expressing your Barbie self.

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