Is Revant Reliable For Maui Jim Replacement Lenses?

Maui Jim has taken the sunglasses to the level of art and technology. Each of their models is so unique and lavish that you don’t want to lose their grip ever. But, if the lenses are scratched or scarred, you can replace the glasses without discarding the whole frame.

Revant is a trustworthy and unswerving brand for creating, manufacturing, and replacing Maui Jim Lenses. They do not cost as the original one. But they don’t compromise on quality and caliber. Also, you can find every model of Maui Jim for replacing the lenses.

If you still have some doubt lingering over your head like a cloud, go through the whole article and learn about the best Maui Jim replacement lenses.

Maui Jim Replacement Lenses By Revant Optics

Revant has replacement lenses for 154 models of Maui Jim in their collection for a fraction of the price. All you need to do is search for the particular model, and varieties of options will pop out in front of you to choose from. They have 3 variations, such as polarized, non-polarized, and elite polarized. Polarized is the standard order. But you can opt for the others as well.

Non-polarized will cost you around ten dollars less than the original price. And elite polarized will cost you more but will block glares and improve the clarity of the lenses. With that, you have the option to choose colors from mirrored and non-mirrored categories.

Depending on the model, the colors will vary. You can even select the whole same color frame or ombre shades as per your wish.

Revant doesn’t bring lenses only for fashion and looks. Each of the lenses comes with perks and benefits. If you opt for elite polarized lenses, the lenses will be oil and water-repellent. So, any stain or mark left from fingerprints, sweat, or other material will not be visible on them. All of the lenses have improved vision clarity due to superior glare safeguards from surfaces such as the road, water, or snow.

Moreover, all types of glasses are able to block 100% of the UVA and UVB, which will provide your eyes with utmost comfort and total shield from the Sunrays. The lenses are made from optical polycarbonate. So, you can be assured that they won’t bend, budge, or crack. The best part is that these lenses will reduce eye strain as they are tapered to the right optical curving and injection-molded, as opposed to being bent to shape.

These lenses don’t come with empty hands. Revant will also provide a screwdriver for installing the lenses and a microfiber bag for protecting the pair. Even though the lenses are coated with an anti-scratch layer, the bag will provide additional protection.

You have to option to replace them at home with their instruction, or you can send the frame to them, and they will replace it for you for some extra bucks. If you are interested in placing an order, click here.

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How To Find The Maui Jim Frame Name?

If you are not sure about the model number or do not have the proper documents, identifying the model is the gravest step of replacement. Thankfully, you don’t need additional documents to identify the model number. Grab your pair and identify your model number. Since you know that they are from Maui Jim, you don’t have to toil too much on brand identification.

Now, look for a logo or name inscribed on the inner temple of the frames to discover the frame name. Pay close attention to qualifiers such as “S” or “XL,” which indicate lens or frame size. These frame sizes typically have their own distinct lenses that are incompatible with other size variations of the identical frame.

If you don’t see a frame name on your sunglasses, they may have an SKU number to help you identify them. An SKU is typically formatted as follows: MJ103 is an example of a Maui Jim frame SKU. You can use these SKU numbers to search our website for the correct lenses for your frame. The Revant website will guide you through the exact product with just the SKU number.

How To Replace Maui Jim Lenses?

Revant will deliver all the necessary tools to replace the lenses. You can simply discard the old lenses and install the new ones with their instructions. First, you need to identify the frame shape and lens type. Because the replacement process differs depending on the frame and lens types. Different methods will apply to the wired frame, half-frame, and full frames.

Since Maui Jim mostly has full frames, you only need to know about the full frame replacement. First, soften the frame by dunking them in warm water. Then, with both hands, grasp the top and bottom of the frame.

After that, pull up on the upper of the frame gently while pushing the lens out from behind. Begin inserting the Revant lens at the nose bridge. Replace the lens by pressing it along the boundary until it snaps firmly and securely into place.

Is Revant Worth It For Maui Jim Replacement Lenses?

Not for the Maui Jim only, Revant is a reliable and trustworthy institution for replacing lenses on high-end brands. Their service and quality are impeccable and hard to match with others. While other brands will only provide you with one color or polarized option, they have multiple options to choose from.

From color grading to injection molding, their unique technology will leave you in awe. Even though the price point is not too high, their quality has never been compromised. And even if something happens to the lenses, you can replace them with their one-year warranty guarantee. So, you can rely on their replacement lenses for your Maui Jim sunglasses.

Final Words 

Maui Jim is an irreplaceable brand in the sunglass industry. Once you have collected in your collection, you will never want to discard them. But, in the meantime, the sunglass will lose their value if the lenses are ripped or unusable. To rescue you from this dilemma, Revant is the best option for your sunglass lenses.

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