Which Moon Boots From The 80s You Can Collect?

On the night of shivering cold and snow falling around you, all you want is hot cocoa for your tummy and moon boots for your feet. I can’t serve you hot cocoa, but I can definitely find you the vintage moon boots that will uplift your winter fashion wardrobe.

Moon boots in the 80s were a real deal. They were bulky, colorful, and vibrant. That nostalgia still lingers. Many people love to wrap themselves in moon boots. Rainbow brits boots and Tecnica shiny Black Weather Ski Moon Boots were particularly popular.

80s moon boots are rare, and you need to settle on second-hand boots. But don’t worry. I have found you two moon boots that look brand new and fresh, like store-bought.

Vintage 80s Moon BootsVintage 80s Moon Boots

If you are someone who enjoys colorful and vibrant things, this moon boot will undoubtedly steal your heart. The designer didn’t just throw on random colors and make gibberish. Rather, they crafted the boot with royal blue and rainbow colors, keeping it minimalist and vibrant.

This moon boot is wrapped with nylon fabrics. That’s why they don’t tear easily. For the use of polyurethane foam, this moon boot is capable of keeping your feet warm and toasty no matter how bad the snowfall is.

The soles are meritoriously devised for the winter season. Moon boots have a cellular rubber midsole and a thin rubber outsole. Walking in the snow will not be an issue anymore. On the bottom layer, the moon boots have treads that keep you from falling or slipping on the ground.

Even though they are a bit bulky, their lace provides good traction and support to your feet and knee. The moon boots have two lacing parts. One at the upper and another at the top row of the boots. So, you are receiving double protection.

As the 80s moon boots stopped manufacturing, you have to find some second-hand boots. The real struggle is to find the right size just about you. The one on the Etsy website is a US woman’s size 8. If you are about that size and interested in buying them, Click here.

Tecnica Shiny Black Weather Ski Moon Boots

Tecnica’s moon boots created chaos around the world when they first launched. Even to this day, you can see celebrities pairing these boots with their iconic winter attire. If you are someone that believes in ‘black is the new black’, this moon boot is just right for you.

The glossy and shiny nylon material just doesn’t go by for its look. Rather it will give you the ultimate comfort and protection in the chilly times of snowy winter. The mechanical and medical design of these shoes will heal your feet and muscle while you walk on them.

Walking over the snowy street is not an easy task. Without proper traction and support, you may sustain an injury or even have a great fall. With the layers of protection, you can rest assured that your feet and hip are safe around the snow.

The best part of this boot is that this is completely waterproof. So, no melted snow can invade your feet. They will keep your feet warm and toasted no matter how chilly and moist the weather is outside. Even in the two-foot-tall snow, you can walk through it without getting wet and chilled.

Tecnica Shiny Black Weather Ski Moon Boots are knee-high. That means the lower portion of your feet will be protected from the snow, no matter how deep. However, you must not forget to tighten the laces properly. If you are interested in investing, click here.

Are this Boots Only For Winter Fashion?

Moon boots were originally designed for the chilly, snowy season. It is a must-have to walk on the snowy street. Because the traction and compatibility are just perfect for the winter season. You can also wear them indoors where the weather gets too unfavorable, and there is not enough heat for your feet.

However, the versatility of the moon boots doesn’t end with the winter season. You can pair them up with a swimsuit, bodysuit, or any bodycon dress. If you have any orthopedic issues, moon boots are great to relieve the pain. Just by wearing them for six weeks, you can see astounding results in your old injuries and pain. However, take the doctor’s advice before using.

How To Clean The Moon Boots?

Moon boots are made from nylon material. As they are not leather and synthetic, taking care of them is not a matter of great hassle. But since they are made with foam, and the lace has cotton fabric, you can’t toss them away after using them without taking proper care. Since the lace on the top tier is sewn inside, you can’t even remove them.

You can take a wet cloth and brush the outsole thoroughly. While walking on the snowy stress, the outsole gets the most effect. So, clean them rigorously with soap or dishwater. You can take the lace from the upper and swipe the wet cloth over the nylon fabric too. It will eliminate the extra dirt from them. And for the laces, you can wash them with detergent power and dry them separately.

Is 80s Moon Boots Worth It?

Moon boots may not be everybody’s cup of tea. They are not sleek and sturdy. Not everyone prefers such bulky composition. But if you are, these moon boots are perfect for you. Either colored or blank, these pairs can boost up your winter fashion game to the highest level. Not only will they protect and heat your feet, but they will also give you good support and a good look.

Final Words

The tide of the fashion world doesn’t take a second to change direction. But some of the fashion statements are so iconic that no matter how farce the tide is, they still survive with grace and confidence. Vintage moon boots from the 80s are such items that will be an icon forever. And the fact that they are not making these items these days makes them more alluring and worth having it.

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