Should You Trust QVC Earth Shoes? Honest Explanation

Sustainability is no longer a luxury. All strata of people want to contribute to mother earth by using products that will not harm the planet. Earth, A US-based brand, keeping this sustainable goal in mind, has launched comfort shoes for every occasion. 

On the QVC website, one can comprehend the popularity of Earth shoes. The most hyped Earth shoes on QVC are Earth Origins Suede Slipper with Faux Fur for winter and Earth Origins Leather Slingback Sandals for summer. For cozy, comfortable wear, these two are impeccable. 

If you have any doubt about the quality and others, make sure to go through the whole article as I am about to reveal all there is to know about earth shoes. 

1. Earth Origins Suede Slipper with Faux FurEarth Origins Suede Slipper with Faux Fur

Fur is the epitome of luxury in terms of winter clothes. However, hundreds of animal lives are being sacrificed for such a cruel fashion trend. If you want to enjoy such fur texture in the wintertime, Earth has got you covered. With their suede faux fur slipper, your feet will be cozy, comfortable, and fashionable. 

The lining of this pair is soft and snuggly, attached to faux fur, so you never have to worry about pinch on your feet. Also, their cushiony, cushy, padded bottom will make sure that your feet will never have to touch that cold winter night floor. The back part has a raised coverage that will pair up so well with yoga pants and skinny jeans, meanwhile keeping the shoe clean. 

The material of this pair is recycled spandex, and the stitching has been done with recycled PET yarn. Their slip-resistant texture will ensure they never slip away from your feet. But conversely, slipping on them is really easy. You can simply put them on like a sock and run them for your errands or winter shopping. To learn more and order, click here.

2. Earth Origins Leather Slingback SandalsEarth Origins Leather Slingback Sandals

Summer approaching? It’s time to put the suede faux fur shoe in the closet and welcome this airy, breathable, and user-friendly pair of sandals. You want easy slip-on sandals that save your feet from sunburn, won’t pinch you, and will not slip off suddenly. Earth got you covered. Most important of all, this pair is so comfortable that your feet will feel at home after a whole day on the beach, shopping, or running. 

This pair has a cushioned memory foam footbed with adjusting arch support. The cute bungee side bands are so flexible and stretchable that you will feel like they made this pair for you personally. Most importantly, the slingback support of this sandal is so amazing you can kick a ball with it without losing it from your feet. 

The outlook is so multifaceted that it can be paired up with any summer look. Whether it is casual, beach party, vacation, or boho, it will fit every occasion. Since it has 1-1.8 inch heels, it will look great on summer dresses bringing you the utmost comfort on the side. There are multiple vibrant and summer color options available just for you. So wait now and click on it.  

How To Clean Earth Shoes?

I have good news and bad news. Let’s start with the good news. Because of the leathery texture, these shoes will not require repeated cleaning. If you use them well, you can easily carry these shoes for years without worrying about cleaning. However, the bad news is if the shoe requires cleaning, you need to understand the dirt first to clean off the shoes. 

During winter, if your shoes are affected by salt installation, you can use kitchen vinegar to wipe off the excessive salt. Doing it regularly with keep the color intake for years. Laundry soap is the only thing you need to clean off any mud. The most dangerous dirt is grease or sauce because it is really hard to take the stain off. So, it is better to avoid a place with grease or oil. 

How To Get The Right Size?

Size measurement is the biggest challenge for these earth shoes. Their measurement capacity is slightly different from general measurement. That can leave you with lots of confusion. There are seven varieties of sizes fit for average, wide, and narrow feet people.

If you do not go through the guidelines and order mindlessly, you are taking a high risk on them. If you are confused and unsure, it is better to take assistance from the website and convey your feet size for suggestions.

Why Should You Trust QVC Earth Shoes?

 Earth shoes have taken a long break before appearing again in 2022. It is comprehendible if you have doubts and hesitancy about these pair. But you should take a leap of faith and give this brand a chance to prove itself. As a new venture, they don’t compromise with quality, and their mission for a sustainable world renders a big reason to encourage them. 

The customer reviews are all very satisfactory. Except for the size issue, there is not a single complaint about the durability, stability, and quality of these pairs. A few customers have mentioned that their swollen feet have been revived by using this product, and also, this keeps the feet fresh and odorless. QVC doesn’t have all varieties of earth shoes, but they have the best ones on their site. So, for the sake of your feet and mother earth, order an Earth shoe now. 

Final Words 

Earth brand has been rejuvenated after a long time to bring you something better for you and for the world. Just to encourage them and comfort your feet, you should add some earth shoes to your shopping cart. They are durable, sustainable, and, most importantly, very stylish. The pairs I have mentioned in this article are the perfect slippers for both winter and summer. So, go get them now and thank me later. 

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