Are Tecovas Python Boots Worth The Investment?

Wrapping python skin around the feet is not everybody’s cup of tea. Nonetheless, if you are an aficionado of western boots curated from animal skins, you have a lot of options before you. While you are researching, I am sure the name Tecovas peeped through your virtual window. 

Tecovas is an Austin-based luxury brand that specializes in creating premium boots out of animal skins. Their python boot is called The Black, even though the color of the boot is dark brown. It is one of the unique pieces that you can’t say no to. 

Buying a Python boot is a matter of great contemplation and research. If you are too languid to research yourself, go through this article as I have amassed all the necessary details you ever need.

Tecovas Python Boot – The Black 

Versatile, comfortable, and stylish, Tecovas has been inspired by this motto while crafting their boots. The earthy tone, the exclusive design, and the incredible softness have won this boot millions of thumbs up. Are you wondering what’s so great about this boot? Well, let’s find out. 

Belly-Cut Python Vamp 

This Tecovas boot is created with Python vamp. That means the lower portion of the boot is made from the skin of a mature python belly. As this is a belly cut, you will get the back part of the python body.

The spark of the belly cut is that you get smoother and uniform-looking scales on the boots. Python skin is exceptionally suitable for boots as they are 15 times stronger and sturdier than normal leather boots. Additionally, python skins are very soft and pliable to wear and use. 

Goat Hide Shaft 

While Tecovas opted for the python skin of the vamp, they attached goat hide for their shaft. The goat hide has been patina fast, so the blown color dominates, and the vamp and shaft have a similar color palate. 

The shaft is 12 inches in height. This is quite a standard height for male boots. This won’t overcast your knee area and provides more cover than any booties and ankle-high boots. That is quite intricate and subtle cowboy-themed artwork over the shaft area.

Leather Sole 

While everyone is settling for plastic and rubber outsole, Tecovas has promised to sustain its culture of using leather, even on the outsole. Not only that, There are triple layers of leather soles that can provide you with the ultimate bond and security. 

The leather sole is sturdy but soft. It is perfect for you if you spend your days in the office or wear that boot for a long time. It will keep your feet comfortable and cozy. However, if your job delegates you to construction sites, factories, and hard surface areas, it is better to skip this boot. 

Square Toe Shape

When you go out boot shopping, you will encounter thousands of round, pointy toes in the market. But there are rarely any square-toe boots, despite the explosion of benefits. Since you have been eyeing the Python boot, I can tell you are a man who appreciates the rarity and unique pieces. 

Even keeping the look out of the discussion, the square toe has several benefits for feet. As they are square in shape, it has more space inside the boot. You can move, shift, and twist your toes inside the boots when your feet are getting tiresome. 

Double Stitch Welt

You may not know a lot about a book by its cover, but you can know a lot about a shoe or boot by its welt. It’s basically the primary anatomy to identify a good-quality boot. A welt is basically the leather that outreaches the outsole and attaches the upper with the sole. Tecovas has stitched the welt doubly, so you know they don’t take their business lightly.

This boot has a one-and-a-half-inch block or straight heel. This height is quite standard for males and other cowboy boots. The company recommends you order half-size down than your regular fit. If you have any queries or you are interested in purchasing, click here.

 Can You Use Tecovas Python Boot In Rain? 

While Python boots are quite versatile and user-friendly, they don’t do well during monsoons. You shouldn’t wear these boots while raining outside. Python skin is water-resistant. Any excessive water can damage the quality and integrity of the boots. 

Water directly affects the membrane of the python skin and ruthlessly shortens the lifespan of the boots. So, always be careful about any sort of water invasion. If, by any chance, the boot gets soaked, immediately dry them with a cotton cloth or a flannel. 

How To Take Care Of The Tecovas Python Boot?

Python boots are extra sensitive and can’t retain themselves nicely with harsh weather and care. You must never procrastinate when it comes to taking proper care and maintenance. You should always store them in a temperature-controlled room where the skin can breathe air. This will prevent the scales from drying out and keep them smooth and silky. 

Do not take these boots out in direct sunlight and overexposing light. The excessive amount of UV can discolor the skin and dry the scale permanently. It is better to wrap them in acid-free tissue and store them inside a cardboard container so that the boots can breathe and stay away from the temperament temperature. 

Are Tecovas Python Boots Worth The Investment?

You have learned by now that python boots are a luxury good with little practicability but lots of prestige. This is not your regular office-going or hangout boot. There is a heavy price that comes with it, and I am not only talking about money. However, if you are into this stuff, Tecovas is the best option. 

Final Words

If you are someone who doesn’t hesitate to make a bold statement through his fashion choice, there can be nothing greater than the western-inspired cowboy-themed python boots. They are versatile, comfortable, and a unique piece. To satiate your desire to own a Python boot, earnestly consider Tecovas.

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