Is Unif Parker Boot Worth Investing?

There are a few fashion options out there for women with masculine or tomboy energy. In the swirl of pink and glitter, we really can’t find what made us good about ourselves. Since boots give us a rugged, funky look on us, we never miss an opportunity to hoard new boots. 

Unif Parker Boot has a design and shape that no woman can say no to. They are minimalist, with no additional jewelry, and with a perfect heel size that will give a boost to the body shape without piercing through the heel. 

 Even though we always rush to buy new boots, the price range always pulls us back. If you want to invest in boots, you must know everything about them instead of impulse purchasing. 

Unif Parker Boot

Boots are necessary for winter as they wrap the whole feet and protect them from the chilly breezes. But at the same time, the material of the boots has to be comfortable and soft so that your feet don’t heat up inside them. Unif has successfully balanced out the issue. 

They have crafted their boots with 100% leather. Leather is perfect for boots as they are durable, comfortable, and water-resistant. So, you can wrap them on all day and never tire your feet. The super-soft original leather upper got you covered. 

Unif has stitched side zipper that goes all the way up there. So, you don’t have to struggle to wear them or take them off. Simply, unzip the zipper and put them on. The zipper is on the side, so it won’t cause a distraction to the upper design. 

The leather and zipper are stitched with leather lining. They ensure maximum breathability, so your feet don’t sweat inside the parker boots. The zipper is made with tough stainless steel. So, the slider is strong enough to hold the zipper tightly, and it won’t fall off. 

Boots heel is a crucial part of them. Luckily, Unif has devised its boots with chunky platform soles. They are comfortable as they are flat and spread. It won’t pinch you or sore your heel. Also, the sole has 1.75″ on the front side and 4.25″ on the heel side. 

These boots are minimal in design. That is a huge plus point. You can pair them up with any dress or jeans without feeling overdressed. The sizing can be a bit tricky as they run a little small. So, when you order, add ½ size extra over your actual size.

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How To Clean Unif Parker Boots? 

Unif Parker Boots are exceedingly durable and can last for years. However, that will depend on your way of maintenance and cleaning. If you properly take care of them and clean them after using them, they can be your feet buddy winter after winter.  

Thankfully, Unif provides a dust bag with each of the pairs. So, storing them after the winter ends will not be a big issue. Even if you lose the bags, keep the boots separated in a plastic or cotton cloth bag so that they don’t collide and discolor. 

After using the boots, clean them with saddle soap. Before that, dust off the loose dirt and debris with a soft brush. Then with saddle soap, wash them in a circular motion with a horsehair dauber brush. 

Wash them with clean water so that so soap residue remains. Dry them under the sunlight. Then, apply leather buffer and conditioner for extra shine and durability. But refrain from using this method frequently and wash them when it is absolutely necessary. 

Is Unif Parker Boot Comfortable?

Unif Parker Boot is not only fashionable but severely comfortable from all angles. The leather material is soft and comfortable. And the shape will give you are next-to-skin feeling. Moreover, the soft upper will not suffocate the feet and take up the shape of your feet to adjust themselves. 

The footbed is cushioned with leather material. Your feet will be protected and comfortable at the same time. The outsole is hard and squishy for long-lasting and stable traction. And last but not least, the chunky stacked heel will give you the utmost comfort and stability. 

Is It Boot Worth Investing?

Compared to other boot companies, The pricing of Unif is reasonable and rational. Yet, the price can’t be considered in everyone’s budget range. Luckily, you have the option to pay them in four installments without any interest. And as they are durable and long-lasting, you can wear them for years after years. 

Final Words

A basic, black, and sleek boot is an irreplaceable item for every woman’s closet. Should Unif Parker Boot take that place in your closet? If you are minimalist like me and prefer a simple yet classic boot, the answer is yes.

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