Which Nike Cholo Shoes Is The Best?

If you look through the shoes of the Los Angeles crowd, you will notice that the majority of them are wearing Nike cholo shoes. Even though the model is not so up to the minute, their popularity and demand have proven its classic demeanor. 

Nike, with their iconic tick-mark sign, rules in the cholo shoe market. If you are planning to get one, Nike Men’s Court Vision Low Sneaker is the best cholo shoe you can avail of. It will give you comfort and a classic fashion look in one go.  

Nike shoes can cost you an arm and a leg. So, before you click on buy now, go through the article to learn more about the product. 

Nike Men’s Court Vision Low Sneaker

When you click on the Amazon page of this product, you will find this shoe is the #1 best seller in the Men’s basketball shoes category. Needless to say, this classic pair has retained the glam and popularity for a long time among the young generation. Retro and sporty don’t really go together, but this shoe has proven the impossible. As the company claims, this model is a hybrid shoe that is embossed with a Swoosh design.

There is a reason why this particular model is called a hybrid. This cholo shoes have several materials inside to give them a furnished look. This shoe is a combination of synthetic leather, leather, and rubber. The sole is made with rubber, so there is no more cleaning hassle. A single wipe with a wet cloth will clean up the dirt and mud. The shaft height is low-top, so it will keep the feet flat and arched. 

However, the issue is that you can’t get many color options with this model of cholo shoes. It is based mostly on white and black, with an iconic Nike sign on the side. But the designer has covered the color gap with outstanding and innovative design. Its front part has synchronized dots that will ensure utmost breathability. Since they are lightweight, it is a perfect fit for any outdoor activities and adventures. For more information and order, click here.

How To Clean Nike Cholo Shoes?

Thankfully so, this cholo shoe is washing machine-safe due to the rubber sole and fabric material. But this model doesn’t require frequent wash because of their dustproof materials. As a result, dirt and dust come off easily. A wipe from a wet cloth will make the soles shine again. For the loose dust, use a brush to clean off the grime. 

But, once in a while, this shoe will call for a thorough wash. You can clean the shoe easily in a washing machine. Remember to separate the insoles from the shoe and put them in a mesh or laundry bag before putting them inside the machine. The water setting must be a cool and gentle wash. For safety measures, avoid the spinning settings of the drum. 

 How To Know If The Nike Cholo Shoes Fit Perfectly?

Nike cholo shoes will fail to serve their purpose if it doesn’t fit the feet. If you are confused about whether the shoe fits perfectly on you, you should remember to go from your tallest toe to the end of the shoe edge. There should be a width space of one single finger. If you are a tech-man, who prefers online shopping, measure the length between the tallest toe and the end of the ankle. Also, identify the widest part of your feet and measure horizontally. 

How To Find The Right Size For Nike Cholo Shoes?

After taking your measurement, you can go through the chart provided on the Nike website or any online shopping website and match your match. Depending on the UK and US measurements, the number of the size of your shoe will vary. If you have another Nike pair that fits you, you can also consider the size number of that shoe. However, if you are really confused, you can ask the provider in the comment mentioning your feet’s length and width. 

Can Women Wear Nike Cholo Shoes?

I know the name says Men’s in the title, but a woman can comfortably wear this shoe. There is a separate chart to identify women’s feet measurements. For example, what is 8.5 for women is 6.5 for men regarding this shoe. There is a total of 22 options available for that cholo shoe. So, a woman can fit her perfect match from the chart. 

Final Words

A shoe closet without a pair of Nike sneakers is like a closet without a white shirt. It’s incomplete. And for a more iconic statement, a Nike cholo shoe is the best option out there. So, if you have an eye for Nike cholo shoes, I highly recommend Nike Men’s Court Vision Low Sneaker.

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