Do Yeezy Boots Run Small?

When Kanye West announced his collaboration with Adidas for his newly launched sneaker company, his fans and shoe enthusiasts were too eager to hoard the Yeezy boots and shoes. But such abrupt enthusiasm and action proved fatal when the boots didn’t fit them properly.  

Yeezy boots are not true to their size. These boots run half size small. That means that you need to order a half size up than your regular and usual size. If your regular size is US 7, it is wise to order 7.5 while you order Yeezy boots. 

No matter how exclusive or expensive the boot is, it will lose all the glam if they don’t fit in your feet. So, before you make any sizing mistakes, go through the whole article. 

Do Yeezy Boots Run Small?

Depending on the different models of Yeezy, their boots run smaller than the regular size. Boots run differently than regular footwear. There are some brands that prefer to manufacture boots smaller or larger than the true to their size. Due to their higher profile, you need to size up for Yeezy boots. 

This brand designs the boots to fit comfortably and snugly throughout the ankle area, plus the lower portion of your leg. If they made the boots considering the regular size, your feet would feel tightened and suffocated. 

Yeezy boots have a rounded toe on the front and a heel that is both tall and wide. If you order your regular size for the Yeezy boots, your fit will not be accurate, and those specialized areas will begin to hurt and become clumsy. 

Yeezy boots are mainly made from suede and mesh. The material’s structure is very rigid and stiff. This hard and rigid construction is very decent to withstand the integrity of the shoe. However, it will take a toll on you. 

As they are not flexible and adaptable, they will not change shape up to your feet. Rather, your feet have to shift upon the design. This will be utterly uncomfortable. Your feet have to feel comfortable and relaxed inside the boots. 

Another reason you need to size up for Yeezy boots is the boot socks. They take up a significant amount of space than regular socks, and that gap can’t be adjusted. The fact is more crucial during the winter season when the socks become thicker and more profuse. Considering all these pointers, you must buy Yeezy boots half a size up. 

How To Choose The Correct Size Of Yeezy Boots?

If this is your first time purchasing Yeezy boots, it would be best if you could try them in person before making the final decision. However, if that’s not possible, go through their website and this article to learn about the correct fitting order. 

Even with the collaboration with Adidas, you should not depend on your Adidas sizing for the Yeezy boot. Their sizing policy and philosophy are quite different. If you have a regular foot with normal width and length, you need to order half an inch up for your feet. 

However, the sizing will vary if your feet are wider and you have a curvy ankle or any other issue. Then you will probably need to order a larger size. If you are unsure about your feet size, you can draw the feet silhouette and measure the height and width and match the size with the chart given.

Final Words 

Due to the nature and material of the boots, Yeezy boots run smaller than the regular fit. As they are not true to their size, you need to order a larger size than your regular fitting. Usually, you need to order half an inch larger than the usual size.

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